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This bird repellent is a safe, transparent compound that can be easily applied to places where birds roost. "4 THE BIRDS" is an imported product from USA and contains polybutene (polybutadiene) which is used in chewing gum, surgical bandages and lipstick, so it is safe to handle.

Effective in repelling pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, Eaton's 4 The Birds does not bring harm to birds but merely makes roosting uncomfortable owing to its solid consistency.

By nature, birds tend to roost in the same places repeatedly. After using 4 The Birds, birds will be compelled to leave for new locations.

Use bird repellent gel on ledges, roosts and other areas where pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and other nuisance birds frequent. Simply apply beads of repellent no larger than 1/2" wide by 1/2" deep at the deepest part in strips no closer than 2" apart, beginning 1" in from the outer edge with a caulking gun. Leaves a clear odourless "tacky" bead of gel that birds just hate! Once they land on it, Eaton's 4 The Birds sticks to their feet and is a real nuisance to them eliminating the "hopping" around on the ledge or roost. Works great and is easily cleaned with mineral spirits. Does not harm birds. One 10 oz. tube will treat 10 linear feet.

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For Sale: RM60 per piece
(2 feet per piece.
Minimum purchase: 10 pieces)
Bird Point is a patented, readily assembled anti-roosting system designed to keep medium to large birds off building. It is designed for use in heavily infested areas. The angled wires increase the effectiveness of the system and eliminate the need for multiple rows on wide ledges.

The Bird Point System is a ready assembled system of stainless steel wires which can be attached to virtually any material using a neutral silicone adhesive. Once installed, it is relatively inconspicuous and prevents birds from settling without causing them harm. The Bird Point System is locked into special slots in the base from underneath so they will not come loose. The base consists of UV stabilised acrylonitrile polystyrene, 50mm wide for the double and triple point and 30mm wide for the single point allowing it to be fixed along architectural features.

To purchase the Bird Point System directly from us, please click here!

* Delivery charges are not included.

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